Empower your Team & Customers

Unlock the massive and complete potential of your team. CustomFit.ai's Experience Engine allows you to separate code deployments from feature releases. This empowers you to run numerous experiences with multiple app variations in each experience, thus making your app custom-fit to your users.

Engineering Teams

Feature releases and code deployment no longer depend on each other. Gone are the days where chunks of code are involved in feature releases. Use CustomFit.ai's advanced Experience Engine software to deploy faster, control releases, and get optimized feedback from end users.

Enhance your workflow.

Tools that enable you to move with the rapid speed of the market.

Test in Soapbox Environment

Use custom targeting rules and percentage rollouts to safely test features in production and get valuable feedback.

Code Deployment Only When Ready

Empower your teams to collaborate more effectively, maintain stability, and deliver software faster, giving them flexibility to work on their own timelines resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Centralized Control

One dashboard to manage the lifecycle of your features from local development, to QA, to production. All-in-one control centre for your app.

Hassle Free Control

CutomFit.ai gives you granular control over your user's experience. With the help of dynamic configs, simply change the config status to undo a feature with a click. No complex chunks of code involved.

Product Teams

Product teams use CustomFit.ai to release features when they want, independent of code deployments by using custom targeting rules and percentage rollouts to maintain granular control over user experience.

Give them what they want.

Control who sees what feature and when they see it

Control What Your User Sees

You can easily control which users see what features, and when. The easy to use dashboard gives complete full fledged control of your user's experience.
You can gradually release a feature to reduce risk and assess performance.

Releasing Just a Click Away

Dev and ops teams can deploy code and keep new features hidden until product teams are ready to share. With CustomFit.ai you can easily turn your features on when you are ready.

Obtaining Feedback Made Easy

With complete control over how your users experience new features, you can safely test in production and get valuable feedback. CustomFit.ai allows product teams to expose features independently and actively participate in the development cycle.

Power Switch - In Case of Emergency

Anyone can instantly turn off any feature at any time. With CustomFit.ai, you don't have to roll code back to undo a feature release. In case of an emergency, all you got to do is hit the power switch.


The end-user of your app is the one that matters the most. The app should be able to provide the customer with precisely what is needed. Encapsulation of information is necessary to make sure the customer receives the best service.

Customer Experience is Zenith.

CustomFit.ai platform helps in doing just that.

Personalize Features

Create filters of users based on user properties such as age, location, education (properties). Filters enable or disable features as per the specified algorithm.

No Language Barrier - For User

Users aren't discouraged from using an app if they lack knowledge in English. CustomFit.ai provides features for the app to be in the vernacular tongue if needed.

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