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App Control at your Fingertips

Published by Ashwin Kumar on

Gone are the days where huge chunks of code were required to change the appearance, UI or a feature in an app. Remote Controlling your app by changing the dynamic configuration values has become the most preferred alternative in today’s world.

How does it work?

You can change the way your app behaves, its appearance, its content, its UI by simply making a few clicks on your Experience Engine Dashboard. All these changes can be done for a specific audience segment or the entire user base according to your convenience.

The icing in the cake is that, all these remote changes that you make on your dashboard such as releasing new content, testing a new variant, changing the UI can be done without waiting for app store approval. No more incessant and continuous updates are required for getting out new features of your app.

For example, for an ecommerce app you could change your app's colour theme to match a seasonal promotion, with absolutely no need to publish an app update. All of these changes are made to the server-side deep config values.

Why is it preferred?

Remote controlling your app by changes in deep config values not only makes your app a lot more user friendly and gives the user a personalized experience, it allows you to rectify your mistakes a lot faster. Suppose you have an erroneous feature that is in conflict with the user’s interests, you can simply turn off the feature in your dashboard rather than importing huge chunks of code. One more important feature is that changes in remote dynamic configs does not have any impact on the performance of your app. So you need not worry about your app crashing and becoming dysfunctional when you control the dynamic configs of your app.

Remote Control saves you a lot of time, money and gives a wholesome experience to the user. This allows you to carry more experiments and derive analysis from the same in a more refined and easier way.

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