Personalization & Funnel Conversions by Chargebee

"We were looking for a solution that will help us stay customer-centric and allow us to create experiences that make each customer feel exclusive. We did it with CustomFit" - Anirhudh Sridharan


Chargebee is the leading subscription & revenue management platform that powers end-to-end billing and subscription revenue operations for thousands of subscription businesses around the world.


Chargebee supports subscription businesses of all sizes across every vertical. And, they acknowledge that the use of ‘subscription’ as a business model varies with every business. They need to target each customer segment with exclusivity for higher conversions. Messaging and value proposition have to be different for startups, enterprises, B2B, and B2C business models at different stages of a funnel.

Customers looking for ‘subscription solutions’ have unique needs

“We see Personalization as a critical part of our conversion optimization stack. We led our marketing and personalization experiments with a continuous cycle of hypothesis-experimenting-observing-drawing decisions.”

The Problem: Each customer is different. One size does not fit all.

Diverse industries

Chargebee required a varied approach to help visitors feel that the subscription product was made for their unique workflows. They had to make the customers feel special.

Subscription for different business models

Though Chargebee had a product that can support various subscription models and businesses of all sizes, their customers needed that visibility. They had to personalize the website experience for B2B and B2C, Startups vs Enterprises.

Funnel and persona path

Every customer and audience segment came with unique behavior. While Chargebee knows their customers well, they had to showcase the same to the visitors. They had to get their data into action.

“We didn’t see this coming…”
Using CustomFit for personalization also helped Chargebee with

Improved website quality for ideal visitors

Increased velocity within one month

Augmented our experimentation culture

Diagnose problems based on user behavior

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Why did Chargebee choose CustomFit?

“Here’s what caught our attention”


During our product comparison and due diligence, it was evident that CustomFit had more features to offer that would help us with our conversion optimization experiments.

Third-party integration

Integration within our marketing technology stack. Our marketing automation flow was not disturbed. This included Hubspot, Clearbit, Google analytics, Linkedin, et al.

Data Integration

CustomFit demonstrated close knitting of data integration which later helped us get a clear picture about the journey of a customer segment from a campaign.

CustomFit surprised us

Why would we recommend it to you?

More Personalization with Content Blocks

CustomFit offered a wide variety of content blocks to choose from and with a rich visual editor. We had a variety of customized pop-ups to choose from for each customer segment.

User Journey Insights

We got deeper insights into how people behaved on a page. Their analytics dashboard helped us understand where there were drop offs in the visitor’s journey on a single landing page as well as the entire website.

Implementation Support

Adopting and using CustomFit was effortless for our team. We received prompt handholding until now.

See it for yourself

Case - I: Personalization of pricing plan for repeated visitors

Depending on the stage of the funnel, visitors look for different value propositions on the pricing page. To nurture visitors based on the stage of the funnel, Chargebee personalized the pricing page to showcase that their platform is tailor-made for specific audience segments for every visit.Personalizing with CustomFit enabled Chargebee to create unique experiences that led to higher conversions and understanding of customer expectations.


First-time visitors: Engage the visitor from the very first visit

Introduce pricing options.
Personalizing based on cohorts of ideal customer profile ICP
Behavior based personalization

Second-time visitors: Nurture the visitor

Personalized Copy for repeat visitors who came for the second time.
Changed value proposition of the pricing page

Third time visitors: A/B test

Enable A/B testing with a personalized copy for third-time visitors
Personalize CTAs for different repeat visitor cohorts.

Case - II: Dynamic Demo page for different business models

Displaying the right intent on the Demo page leads to higher conversions. A variety of personas visited Chargebee’s demo page. The demo page had to resonate with the intent of the persona. Chargebee segmented website visitor audience into B2C, E-learning, Startup SaaS, Scaleup SaaS, and Enterprise SaaS.

With CustomFit, personalized messaging was crafted for different customer segments visiting the demo page.

Segmented website visitor audience into B2C, E-learning, Startup SaaS, Scale Up SaaS, and Enterprise SaaS








The result is 40% jump in demos booked

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