Use Cases is an 'Experience Engine' with which one can chisel hyper personalized product experiences (Mobile/Web/IoT). There are a bunch of use cases which benefits every stakeholder - Engineering, Product & Marketing-Sales teams

App Personalization

It is possible for you to make your app unique for each user or for different user segments. Personalize the way the app looks and behaves for different users with just a small change in the dynamic config. With, your app becomes just the way your customers want it to be!

Remote Control Every Element of your App

Planning for a year-end sale on your e-commerce app? Want to add new levels to your gaming app? Name it and you get to control it. Save yourself from the tedious app updates and make instant changes in your app as per your need, using Easier than never before, make changes in the elements of your app like UI, Data, and Logic by simply changing dynamic config values.

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First Time User Experience & Come Back User Experience

Craft a totally different experience for the first time users and also come back users after an inactivity period, that enable experience changes to the onboarding flow and format, at runtime.

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Localization becomes extremely important when you have users in multiple regions and countries. You will need to render your app's content into multiple languages and make changes across different countries in a single shot.

Rapid Experimentation

The ultimate key to getting higher conversions in your app is through fast experimentation. enables you to do multivariate testing easily and make robust changes in the app as per the test data. Test continuously, get the best insights and combine the power of AB testing with multivariate testing to optimize your app.

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Customized Promotions

Group all your promotions at one place and customize them simultaneously while working across multiple teams, platforms, and customer points.

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Subscription Management

Manage permissions for special groups, like customer subscription tiers. Using targeting rules, teams will set up different groups. With established groups, teams will then manage the suite of features different customers should have access to.

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Empower Business Teams with Control

Giving Product, Marketing, Sales and Support Teams (non technical teams) more control over the end user experience results in active participate in design & development cycles. Now, these teams have fine-grained control over how customers experience your product and can manage them better as they have a better understanding of the user than the Engineering Teams.

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Business & Market Driven Releases

Calendar driven releases require coordination from teams across an organization. With you can separate the code deployment from the feature release.

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Release When You're Ready

Engineering teams can use dynamic configs to deploy code when they want and keep those new features hidden until product and marketing teams are ready to share it. Product teams use the dashboard to turn features on/off and set up experiences.

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Controlled Rollout

Have control over exposing new functionalities and features. Release features as and when required.

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Beta Testing

Manage your beta testing programs at scale. Using targeting rules to create specific groups, you can include entire groups or segments of groups in any test at any given time. The power switch is used as a fail-safe to turn features off at any time.

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Power Switch

Rolling back of your code to undo a feature release is no longer necessary. You can instantly turn off any feature at any time thereby mitigating the risks involved in feature releases.

Active Monitoring

Sometimes the new functionality you release needs active monitoring and troubleshooting. You can use's activity tracker to monitor and analyze the affect.

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