Every user is Unique.
Just like your App ought to be.

The intelligent User Journey Manager for your B2C Business, making your App
custom-fit to each user.


Single App. Multiple Experiences.

Create variants of your App (mobile/web) by dynamically customizing & controlling its every element (UI, Data & Logic) without coding, making it custom-fit to your users!

Experience Manager

Create & deploy multiple experiences in a jiffy which defines the user's journey on your app.

Dynamic Configurations

Create Dynamic Key-Data where the data values (number, text, file, color, code, cloud function) can be derived in run time and easily pushed to the clients.

Reaction Tracker

Track the user reactions across a range of experiences and take necessary actions.


Humongous Throughput Delivered at Massive Scale.

Enterprise-grade platform built for Speed and Reliability which can handle millions of requests seamlessly


How CustomFit.ai works


Decouple your code into the dynamic configurations, which can change the value at run time.

Assign Ownership

Group the dynamic configurations with team tags (like marketing, sales) and assign ownership to the business teams. The owners can set or change the configuration values, which will be immediately reflected at the client side.

Create Multiple Experiences

Create and deploy multiple experiences (variants) without coding. You can also create temporary experiences for a specific duration.

Measure User Reactions

Set goals and measure user reaction under each experience and take necessary action.

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The Greatest Experience Engine on the Earth

Create various product experiences based on complex rules and algorithms

User Segments

Create filters of users based on user properties such as age, location, education.

Behaviour Segments

Create segments depending on how a user interacts with your product.

Back-end Segments

Segments based on your server-side backend logic.

Third-party Segments

Import segments from your favorite analytics platform like Google Analytics, Mixpanel among a few.

Geo Fencing and Geo Search

Rules can take geo-fencing or geo search parameters.

User Groups

User level & global grouping of users.


Label users with flat or value tags.


Global & User level items or resources


The rule can include the queries on the user's friend circle


Followers & Followees inputs are supported in the rules


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