What makes CustomFit.ai a class apart?

Dynamic Configs

Customize every part of the product experience. Factorize the code into dynamic configs, that can be modified at run-time, giving the admins the complete control of the app, and the users, the customized experiences which they are looking for.

Data & Content

Deliver variations data to configure every part of the product experience.


Control what to show, how to show & when to show. Modify colors, themes, banners and any other attributes remotely


Make the app behaviour customized by dynamically controlling the actions and reactions.


Personalize the connect your app depending on the various location params. Even you can convert the app into vernacular instantly

Custom Logic

You can write custom functions or webhooks to derive the value of configs at the runtime based on the current context

Support for different type of Data Values

Code Snippets
Cloud Functions

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Create logical groupings of configs and assign the ownership to the right stake holders or business teams who can change the value of the configs. They can deploy various experiences and take action.

Data control

Owners have complete control over the data. When they change the value, it will

Feature control

Control what to show, how to show & when to show.

Platform agnostic groupings

Group configs across Android, iOS, and Web platforms to form part of a single group which acts as a single source of truth.

Authorization control

Ensuring every change to config value goes through the formal approval mechanism.


Every change to the system will be logged with all the minute details. This will give you history of the changes in the timeline which they occurred

Intelligent Experience Engine

Create 1000s experiences with 1000s of behaviour in each experience

Easy Interfaces

Even non-tech guys can create and run complex experiences using our easy-to-use dashboard


Connect data from different sources, analytics vendors and real-time user behaviour


Start and Stop the experiences at scheduled time


Set various goals under each experience and monitor the behaviour


Track how users reacted and take action

Works great
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What you want is what we have

Enterprise-grade Platform built for Speed and Reliability

CustomFit.ai platform is built for Speed, Reliability, Zero Maintenance and Flat Scalability. We have servers across the globe.

Secure Solution

Security Is our Top Priority. End-to-End encryption and the redundant system ensures our service up and secure.

Data Rich Analytical Models and Insights

CustomFit.ai provides rich analytics & data insights on top of every experience & config.

Supports all Popular Languages

Add CustomFit.ai to your app in minutes with a language of your choice.